Islamic Counseling

This semester we're going to get the Islamic Counselling started up with Sh. Yousef. This will be a chance for students to setup an appointment with Sh. Yousef and be able to get counselling regarding religious matters. Sh. Yousef is quite experienced with this and it's really great that he will be helping us out with this alhamdulilah. 
The time is Tuesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 PM starting January 24th inshaAllah. Appointments can be scheduled here on this Google Doc. The rest will be coordinated by the MSA.


MSA Chaplain

Dr. Abdulrahman Tayebi
Email: [email protected]


Windsor Mosque

Imam Mohamed Mahmoud
Phone: 519-966-2355
Email: [email protected]
Fatwa Clinic - after Dhuhr
Or meet him after daily prayer.

Rose City Islamic Centre

Imam Yusuf Wahab
Meet the Imam after one of the daily 
prayers. Email: [email protected]


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