Every Friday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in Dillon 265 * (room subject to change)

The University Halaqah is a weekly Islamic educational circle for brothers and sisters at the university and college level. The halaqahs feature various guest speakers, engaging topics, activities, snacks, and more. It is organized jointly by the UWindsor MSA and MAC Youth.

The aim for the halaqah is to:

  • Aid in the growth of well-rounded Muslim Canadian youth who are willing and prepared to serve their communities
  • Increase the social interaction and develop brotherhood & sisterhood
  • Present the message of Islam in a relevant, engaging, and inspiring manner
  • Serves as a circle of knowledge, a circle of brotherhood and sisterhood, and a circle of discussion
  • Self-develop and grow closer to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala)

Schedule for the Semester:

  •  Date  Title  Speaker  Summary
     Fri Oct 20, 2017
     Br. Tarek Ibrahim
     Fri Oct 27, 2017  CHECK YOURSELF  Br. Omar Zghal
  •  Date  Topic  Speaker  Summary
     Fri Jan 20, 2017  Take Shelter: gems from surah al-kahf  Osama Iqbal
     Thurs Jan 26, 2017  MSA Welcome Night – No Halaqah    
     Fri Feb 3, 2017  The Quran: My Ultimate Companion  Omar Zghal  
    Fri Feb 10, 2017  Who are the Elite?  Tarek Ibrahim  
     Fri Feb 17, 2017 Fantastic Friends and Where to Find Them  Abdulrahman El-Cheikh  
    Fri Feb 24, 2017  Reading week – No Halaqah  
     Fri March 3, 2017  Talk with Q&A  Sh. Yousef Wahb(brothers)

    Sr. Rana and Sr. Tahera(sisters)

     Fri March 10, 2017 Advice to the Traveller  Tareq Tamr  
     Fri March 17, 2017  Jeopardy  
    Fri March 31, 2017  Islam: Here and now  Sh. Hassan Rikie  
  •  Date  Topic  Speaker  Summary
     Fri Jan 22, 2016  Be A Spark In The Dark  Sh. Mohamed Mahmoud  PDF
     Thurs Jan 28, 2016  MSA Welcome Night – No Halaqah    
     Fri Feb 5, 2016  The Pursuit of Happiness   Br. Tarek Ibrahim  PDF
     Fri Feb 12, 2016  MSA lecture: Racial Justice in Islam   Br. Dawud Walid  
     Fri Feb 19, 2016 Reading Week – No Halaqah    
    Fri Feb 26, 2016 Civic Engagement  Br. Adam Ibrahim  
     Fri March 4, 2016 Never Too Late: The Art of Repentance  Br. Osama Iqbal  PDF
     Fri March 11, 2016 Iron Chef Challenge  
     Fri March 18, 2016 Detours on the Road to Paradise  Br. Tareq Tamr  Audio 
    Fri March 25, 2016 MSA Farewell Gala  
  •  Date  Topic  Speaker  Summary
     Thurs Oct 1, 2015  Living for a Message  Sh. Daood Butt   PDF
     Fri Oct 9, 2015  Al-Maghrib Friday Night    
     Fri Oct 16, 2015  Reading Week – No Halaqah  
     Fri Oct 23, 2015  Grasping a Burning Coal  Sr. Fatima Sallam  PDF
     Fri Oct 30, 2015  Modern Revivers: Imam Abul Hasan An-Nadawi  Sh. Hassan Rikie  PDF
     Fri Nov 6, 2015  “Which of your Lord’s favours will you deny?”  Br. Kasim Dobraca  PDF
     Fri Nov 13, 2015  Me, Myself and Allah  Br. Osama Iqbal  PDF
     Thurs Nov 19, 2015  MSA Lecture: Prophet Muhammad: My Role Model   Dr. Munir El-Kassim  
     Fri Nov 27, 2015  MSA Movie Night: Tug of War  Br. Boona Mohammed  
     Fri Dec 4, 2015  Shooting for the Moon  Br. Omar Zghal    PDF
  •  Date  Topic  Speaker  Summary
     Fri Jan 16, 2015  Muslim Issues: the Question of Identity  Sh. Yasin Dwyer   PDF
     Fri Jan 23, 2015  Al-Maghrib Friday Night    
     Fri Jan 30, 2015  Serial – Interactive Session  Br. Tarek Ibrahim  
     Fri Feb 6, 2015  Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal  Br. Osama Iqbal  PDF
     Fri Feb 13, 2015  Lessons in the Life and Death of Malcolm X  Sh. Yasin Dwyer  PDF 
     Fri Feb 20, 2015  Study Week – No Halaqah    
     Fri Feb 27, 2015  Dealing with Differences  Sh. Mohamed Mahmoud  PDF 
     Fri March 6, 2015  Lessons and Warning: Surat Al-Humazah  Sr. Asma Youssouf   PDF  
     Fri March 13, 2015  Why So Serious?  Br. Omar Zghal  PDF
     Fri March 20, 2015  How to Have Khushu in Prayer?  Sr. Fatima Sallam  PDF 
     Fri March 27, 2015  Between a Slave and his Lord  Sh. Yousef Wahb  PDF
  •  Date  Topic  Speaker  Summary
     Fri Sept 12, 2014  Understanding Faith  Br. Osama Iqbal  PDF
     Fri Sept 19, 2014  Ambassadors Wanted: Do You Qualify?  Dr. Reda Bedeir  PDF
     Fri Sept 26, 2014  Al-Maghrib Friday Night    
     Fri Oct 3, 2014  Potluck Iftar for Arafah    
     Fri Oct 10, 2014  How to Be a Student of Knowledge?   Br. Abdulrahman Seleim   PDF
     Sat Oct 18, 2014  Bowling Night    
     Fri Oct 24, 2014  Revivers: Imam al-Shafi’i – Part 1  Br. Tarek Ibrahim  PDF
     Fri Oct 31, 2014  Revivers: Imam al-Shafi’i – Part 2  Br. Tarek Ibrahim  PDF
     Fri Nov 7, 2014  Trivia Night    
     Fri Nov 14, 2014  Reflections from Surat Al-Asr  Sr. Fatima Sallam  PDF
     Fri Nov 21, 2014  Don’t Be Sad  Br. Zeky Ahmed  PDF
  •  Date  Topic  Speaker  
     Fri Jan 17, 2014  Now I Know What to Change?  Dr. Reda Bedeir  
     Fri Jan 24, 2014  ‘And we have honoured the children of Adam’ I  Br. Ali Asfour  
     Fri Jan 31, 2014  Life through the Eyes of Imam Malik I  Br. Tarek Ibrahim  
     Fri Feb 7, 2014  Life through the Eyes of Imam Malik II  Br. Tarek Ibrahim  
     Sat Feb 14, 2014  Life through the Eyes of Imam Malik III  Br. Tarek Ibrahim  
     Fri Feb 28, 2014  Muslim Character I  Br. Hussein Asfour  
     Fri March 7, 2014  Muslim Character II  Br. Hussein Asfour  
     Fri March 14, 2014  Why Muslims Contribute to Civilization?  Dr. Ahmed Deif  
     Fri March 21, 2014  Love, Fear & Hope in Allah II  Br. Majed Mahmoud  
     Fri March 28, 2014  ‘And we have honoured the children of Adam’ II  Br. Ali Asfour  
  •  Date  Topic  Speaker  
     Fri Sept 13, 2013  Orientation  Br. Omar Zghal  
     Fri Sept 20, 2013  Love, Fear & Hope in Allah I  Br. Majed Mahmoud  
     Fri Sept 27, 2013  Islamic History 101  Br. Tarek Ibrahim  
     Fri Oct 4, 2013  Life through the Eyes of Imam Abu Hanifah I  Br. Tarek Ibrahim  
     Fri Oct 11, 2013  Life through the Eyes of Imam Abu Hanifah II  Br. Tarek Ibrahim  
     Fri Oct 18, 2013  Life through the Eyes of Imam Abu Hanifah III   Br. Tarek Ibrahim   
     Fri Oct 25, 2013  Diseases of the Heart I  Br. Hussein Asfour  
     Fri Nov 1, 2013  Diseases of the Heart II  Br. Hussein Asfour  
     Fri Nov 8, 2013  Diseases of the Heart III  Br. Hussein Asfour  
     Fri Nov 15, 2013  Muslim Vampires  Br. Majed Mahmoud  
     Fri Nov 22, 2013  Ibadah in Islam  Br. Omar Zghal  
     Fri Nov 29, 2013  ‘Seek thru which Allah has given you the Hereafter’   Br. Ali Asfour  

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