The first step for getting involved with the MSA is by purchasing our membership card. The cost of a MSA membership card is $5 and it will last until April 2018.  If you would like to buy a membership card there are many ways to do so:

  • MSA store
  • Clubs Day
  • MSA social Events
  • After the 1st or 2nd Jumuah prayers where we have our MSA table

MSA benefits from your membership because:

1) It is one of the MSA’s main sources of revenue, alongside with donations.

2) It gives the MSA strength in numbers, and allows us to clearly stand as the largest group on campus.

Here's what YOU will get out of the Membership Card Insha'Allah!

  1. Voting Rights for yearly executive council.
  2. Eligibility to run for campaign
  3. Free Iftars during Ramadan: If you are member you can enjoy free iftar dinner every day during Ramadan.
  4. Discount price on MSA social Events (Eid Dinner, Eid Brunch, etc...)
  5. Discount prices on some MSA merchandises (T-Shirts, etc...)
  6. 10% off when purchasing any meal from the restaurants listed below

Jubba Restaurant

  • 2000 Wyandotte St W
  • Windsor, ON N9B 1J7
  • (519) 253-6215

Yum Yum Pizza

  • 3200 Sandwich St
  • Windsor, ON N9C 1A8
  • (519) 253-5444

Biryani and Grill

  •  325 Wyandotte St W
  • Windsor, ON N9A 5X3
  • (519) 221-9888