We’re excited to bring you all a new program entitled Sparks of Knowledge: The Essentials of Islam! Sparks of Knowledge gives Muslim brothers and sisters the opportunity to learn about their faith in a comprehensive manner. It offers knowledge that is foundational to our understanding and practice of our faith.

This is a weekly program with Sheikh Yousef Wahb, who will be covering topics in Fiqh and purification, and Sheikh Mohamed Mahmoud, who will be discussing our righteous predecessors in Islam. When you sign up to attend this program, you also have the opportunity to register in a weekly Qur’an circle, where you can improve your reading, memorization, and Tajweed.

Sparks of Knowledge runs every Tuesday at 6:00pm from February 16 to April 5. It is just $15 to register, which covers the cost of books, course materials, certificates, and more. Take the first step and register at bit.ly/SparksofKnowledge. You’ve always wanted to make time to learn about your deen. Here is a great chance.

Sparks of Knowledge Poster